500+ DLs and plans for the game

Hello everyone, Co-Lead Aku speaking here!

It's been 69 days (nice) since Appetité Amor was first published and everyone at the team is happy to see all the downloads and comments so far. So now it's only appropriate to share some plans we still have with this project.

  1. Expanding the lore, story and of course, the romance
  2. More food illustrations and an epilogue
  3. Getting the game on Steam
  4. Switching the page URL to our actual project leader Azuremia

Since Appetité Amor was for the VN game jam NaNoRenO, it was probably short for a lot of you, but was due to time constraints, and we  relaxed afterwards because of the last hours crunch. Now with more time on our hands, we naturally can put more into the game and also add stuff you'd like to see expanded, which is why we appreciate your comments and feedback! Be sure to comment after you played this version and tell us about your impressions and things you'd love to see. While we can't incorporate everything, we'll do our best to give you an even more comfy and joyful experience.

Azuremia has been planning for the project on Steam for quite a while, but before that we wanted to expand the game first, so the Steam release would only happen once we have that big update done. Look forward to it!

Since the Steam release is managed by Azuremia, it's only natural the page URL should be cohesive with the publisher. I was only the emergency publisher of the game for this time. Which is why if you search for the game again, the address should lead you to Azuremia in the future. Be sure to follow her as well,  both on itch.io and Twitter! Of course everyone else who worked on the team as well, since many of us have fun projects they can share with you.

Also, if you decide to translate, review or stream the game, be sure to either tag Azuremia or me, Akua, on Twitter for a retweet. We're always happy to share them with others and the team and help you get attention as well! I personally check comments, streams and translations from time to time, so don't be afraid to reach out.

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