A downloadable Otome Game

A game inspired by the Drama CD series "Yandere Heaven"

Every story starts somewhere but it wouldn't be worth telling if there isn't something exciting happening, of course. Marika (name changeable) is an office worker and a big sister, letting days continue in the same routine she is used to. Not exactly the thrill type but certainly searching for some flavour in her life in between all her responsibilites. And it doesn't help that her mother is bothering her to find a boyfriend.

Luckily there are three men around her who have quite an interest in her.

Yet the closer she gets to one of them, the stranger they behave - the glint in their eyes and the twist in their smile. Just imagining things? Or better believe your gut feeling? 

Let's hope you don't end up gutted instead!

Features (to be expected):

Genre: Otome, Horror/Thriller, Romance, Yandere, Slice of life (?)
Rating: R-18 (read below for warnings!)
Routes: Three, after a short common route, the story branches into routes.
Endings: Four for each route (Bad Ending, Normal Ending, Good Ending, Best Ending) and occasional instant Game Overs.
Platforms: PC. Android port possible.
Extras: Gallery Screen, Side story and Epilogues (if it gets popular enough)


  • Marked as NSFW forGraphic Sex, Death, Murder, Drugs, Violence, Blood, Gore and other sensitive topics. 
  • This a work of fiction; any person, group or organizations mentioned are not related to reality. All characters are 18 years old or above.
  • Views, opinions etc. of the characters do not reflect the views of the developer. Discretion is strongly advised.
  • The game features Yandere and/or Stalkers if you're not fan of this character type or psychological horror, this is not a game for you.

However, if you are not comfortable with any of the mentioned, please exit the page and download a game to your liking instead. You were warned twice.

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