Development slowly rolling again

Hello again!

In this update I'd like to summarise what happened since the last time I wrote a devlog.

My old laptop was beyond repair, but I was able to transfer my data through the intact HDD. My files are all back now, and I picked up on writing for Lycoris again and working down my list of commissions. My father also recovered and is more or less back to normal.

I still haven't found a therapist, but I have been going to appointments regarding job transition management.

Besides that I also joined three projects during NaNoRenO and also began to host the Otome Jam with the Otome Development Discord server and the help of the VN Devtalk server. So my schedule sure is filled, but I still have time to work between my task and duties.

An acquaintance of mine joined as a programmer which should help me a lot for coding down the line as well, but my editor is absent, worrying me again about their wellbeing. I hope to make the next months more productive for myself, as I told myself to focus on Lycoris this year and also more commission work. If things go well, I might actually release a demo this time, hopefully sometime in summer.

Those of you who follow me might have noticed I uploaded the old sprites as Creative Commons in time before the Otome Jam. I hope people can use them and have fun with my old art (lol).

Anyway check these VNs I worked for during NaNoRenO and don't forget to follow me on Twitter for better updates!

Appetité Amor

A Pinch of Magic

Somewhere Better


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Are you still working on this?

Rather slow, but yes, I haven't given up on it. It's mainly slow due to my personal mental health care taking priority over committing to a long project. thank you for showing interest in it!


Not a problem, as a person deemed "SMI" I totally understand mental health taking priority.  Best wishes for you and yours

Thanks! I hope you stay well, too!

Deleted post

I just played The Last Matches! And I found this game through your page :) I will follow you and wait patiently because I love what you did with that game <3


Oof, I really hope I won't disappoint you with this project since this will be one actually written by me ;;;

I can go play a game you have written and come back to leave my thoughts if you have some you would recommend?:) I'm sure it won't be disappointing though! It has a unique sounding set-up too which is really nice


Thanks for the offer, but it would take a while since I also work as an artist for other projects (which you can also check out meanwhile hehe), and I'd also release a demo first to test the waters.

Oh, ok! Is this the first game you are the sole author on? :)

Yep, I do have help of friends for editing and proofreading, but most of the task are handled by me as a solo dev basically.


Also excited! I just now found out about this game (but also didn't just find out because I already have it on a wait list lmao?!) but I can't wait to hear more as you work on things, I am obsessed with what I read about this project haha, I really like mentally disturbed characters because of their complexities, so I can't wait to play this in the future!

Take care of your own health as well within your busy schedule! mAKE TIME FOR SELF CARE! Appreciate the hard work.


Thanks! I'm taking my time to look out for myself, but as well I can't predict what will happen. And hopefully I won't disappoint anyone.


Nice to hear from you again! ^^ Hope everything gets better over time, still super excited for this game! 

thanks for being there, I'll work hard for people like you who are excited for this project! ^^